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Secrets to Well-Being                      6-Week On-line Course

Take Mindfulness to the Next Level

Open the door to another world of sensing that is waiting for you. It is the key to your well-being. We cannot change what happens externally, but we can grow our awareness for how we respond internally by becoming highly attuned to our thoughts, beliefs and habits. Learn to allow emotions and events to be experienced and released rather than holding on, bracing against or burying them, creating ease and space within yourself.

Includes: 6 audio awareness practices, 6-month subscription to audio library, weekly email check-ins & reflective questions to assist you on your awakening journey.   Registration $40


Clinics & Workshops

A true lover of outdoor sports, Julie offers unique workshops allowing participants to compare the muscle mechanics of a sport to their own movements as well as release techniques.

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Intentional Transitions

A fusion of Yoga & Writing Therapies enabling the release of self-limiting beliefs & behaviors. During our life journey we face many transitions moving from one stage to another. These transitions can leave us feeling uncertain and fearful about what’s ahead. Learn to embrace life’s transitions, breaking through the barriers or fears that hold you back in order to lead a healthy authentic life. Join us to face your next transition with positive inner power.


Rolling Workshop  

Learn rolling techniques to release tight, tense, hard to reach muscles.  Using different size rolling balls to customize release for fascial lines and muscles. If you currently use a roller, you'll be amazed at the effectiveness of smaller balls as a rolling tool. 

Benefits from Proper Rolling Techniques:   

- Relieves muscle stiffness and joint stress     - Corrects muscle imbalances     - Improves joint range of motion

"This workshop increased my knowledge on how to go deeper and release more tension in specific areas. I would recommend this class to anyone, especially those who do any type of intense exercise or recreational activity on a regular basis."      ~ Ryan


Biomechanics of Biking Workshop    ~ Coming Soon

Review the muscle mechanics of biking to add more power in the saddle while letting go of tension in your neck and shoulders.

Workshop Highlights:

• Learn to eliminate tension in your back, neck, hips or knees

• Improve performance as you find greater efficiency

• Better understand how the body is designed to move while biking

• Gain greater awareness of your own muscle patterns and compensations

“Julie is a very good instructor.  She makes it interesting.”   - Mike

“I rode 30 miles after the workshop, with techniques learned no tension in my shoulders!”     - Rick


Biomechanics of Running Workshop ~ Coming Soon

Learn the muscle mechanics of running for more power in your stride and allow more ease in rest of the body.  

Workshop Highlights:

• Compare your own muscle movement patterns to those designed for running.    

• Learn how the over use of muscles bring in tightness and tension

• Practice movements to eliminate strain and tension

• Increase speed, power and strength

“It was interesting to see how the body parts move together and what my movements were.  I learned a lot.”     -Katie

“I enjoyed learning about the relationship between the different mechanics involved in running, really helpful.

Can’t wait to hit the trail.”   -Laurie


5 Keys to Pain Free Neck & Shoulders - Therapeutic Yoga Clinic Feb 2nd 12:30-2:30 PM

Join us for this unique workshop.  Learn movements you can do at home or work to help relieve strain, pain or tightness.  You’ll leave with tools to use going forward!    

Here what people have to say:

“Julie is an amazing instructor!  She has taught me a lot about how I move.”  - Carla

“Extremely helpful and fantastic at making adjustments to accommodate my limitations.”  - Sharon

“Very healing and relaxing, you leave with warmth inside.  Handout with instructions are excellent.”  - Cappi


Healthy Hips, Kness & Lower Back Workshop  Feb 22nd 10 AM -12 PM

Improve your function.  This is a practical workshop that will teach movements you can do at home to improve hip mobility and reduce compensatory movement patterns relieving lower back and knee pain. When our hips and legs move well, we have greater function and stay pain free. Come and learn how limitations in hip mobility can cause instability, lower back and/or knee pain. Start improving your movement!


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Clinics & Programs


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