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People With...

~ In general, people who want to be healthy and active. Whether you have a medical consideration or condition, are an athlete with tightness or discomfort, or are recovering from a surgery, therapeutic yoga heals by improving the body’s function.


~ Anyone with:  

    ~ Strain or tension areas in their body

    ~ An injury or wanting to prevent an injury

    ~ Interest in improving in a sport or leaning the mechanics of a sport

    ~ Extreme tightness from playing the same sport or activity year round

    ~ Desire to get back into shape without experiencing pain.


Beyond A Class

Yoga has incredible benefits for lengthening muscles, releasing myofascia, and building stability in the body. Sometimes for a person in pain the poses in a group class are out of their reach. Group class formats often don’t allow time for one participant's specific needs and some instructors are not trained in this area.


Each therapeutic yoga session is customized to match your unique needs and goals vs. a cookie-cutter, one move fixes all approach. You’ll learn to move more purely while quieting down compensation from other muscles.  This leads to finding greater ease and efficiency in your movement, breath and life.


The focus of the sessions is on your overall wellbeing. Both the physical and subtle body energy work is incorporated. In addition to therapeutic movements, breathing exercises, meditations, chakra energy and Reiki healing are often incorporated.


Interested in a one-on-one yoga therapy session with Julie? 

Clients come to Julie through referrals from chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists or on their own. Sessions are usually conducted in Julie’s in-home studio in Littleton, Colorado, in the client’s home or via Skype.


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Therapeutic Movement

The path to healing comes from within.

Our thoughts, movement and breath truly define our health and lives.


Whether discomfort is from an injury, accident or repetitive exercise, yoga therapy eliminates pain and builds stability.


Therapeutic Yoga Is...

Therapeutic yoga unites the eastern philosophies and western kinesiology. It involves looking at the body’s pattern for movement and breath. Comparing the muscles designed for a movement to what is actually happening in our own pattern. Overtime our movements patters can shift as we enlist other muscles to help (causing compensation). It can happen from an injury, a repetitive action, or from an increased load on our body physically or emotionally.

    With small therapeutic movements and breathing exercises, we can guide the body to move once again as it was intended, letting go of compensating muscles that draw in tension or strain.

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Private Session Options

Single Session           $75

3 Session Package    $207

5 Session Package    $320

10 Session Package  $575


Energy Healing Only

Rieki Healing or Chakra Balancing

30-minute session    $50

60-minute session    $75








Cancellation Policy

You can cancel or reschedule your private session up to 24 hours before your session time. Due to the time involved in planning and preparing for your unique session, canceling with less than 24 hours notice or no-show will result in forfeiture of deposit or deduction of a class from your package. For client in-home sessions, travel fees may apply.