“I met Julie while I was attending the Colorado Center for the Blind, where she teaches a yoga class. She was very patient with our class and provided excellent descriptions of the various poses. I found out she provided private, individualized in-home lessons for a reasonable price. The training ended up being so much more than what I had expected. We not only covered basic yoga, but she also incorporated my own desires regarding training. She introduced me to methods for relaxing, dealing with anxiety, and helping me feel grounded. She balanced my chakras and showed me poses, mediations and essential oils to use to open energy blocks. Outside of the yoga, she also trained me in various strength-building exercises with resistance bands and weights. Julie provided detailed notes on our training sessions so I could follow through with them throughout the week. I noticed a difference within a short period of time and made great strides toward my fitness goals.” Julie is a wonderful person, a fantastic trainer, and so easy to work with. I was able to work with Julie for 4 months prior to moving. If I lived here permanently, I would definitely continue to work with her on a regular basis. I recommend working with Julie to anyone. ~ Shirley

“Julie is a gifted trainer and natural healer. She’s tuned in and focused with her clients, providing exactly the instruction needed for optimal results.” ~ Recca

“I am very impressed with Julie’s ability to evaluate physical issues. Her attention to an individual’s body movements and that person’s individual goals sets her apart from others in your field. I am continually amazed at the exercise recommendations invariably addressed my issues and led me towards my goals.” ~ Linda

“Julie did a great job of educating me and taking me back to basics. Her private sessions provided me with skills that I couldn’t find in any other class or lesson. I would highly recommend Julie.” ~ Elaine

“Julie is a real healer. My aches and pains are gone.” ~ Tammi

“When I began these private sessions, I did not know if I could keep an open mind about yoga therapy or if I could create any new health patterns or solutions for my long-standing pain and lack of flexibility. As I moved through the weekly meetings with Julie, she slowly led me to understand how to sense which areas of in my body were the source of restriction and tension. Julie’s ability to listen quietly and coach patiently has resulted in significant healing of my pain and an increase of natural flexibility. She is a professional who gives calm and clear directions. She modified and guided changes to my movements as they were needed. This approach increased my awareness and the ability to focus both during our sessions and in private practice. Julie approaches each session with a gentle sense of humor so that the experience is relaxing and enjoyable even though you, the client, are learning things that are new to you. This detail gave me further confidence that my newfound awareness of my body’s capabilities would result in permanent new healthy habits going forward. I highly recommend Julie’s Yoga Body therapeutic sessions as a wise investment in your health and happiness! ~ Donna

“Thank you for your guidance on my path to recovery, Julie.” ~ Marsha

“After therapeutic sessions with Julie, I am now doing things I couldn’t before. She is wonderful.” ~ Janet

“I feel like I am waking up energies in my legs and feet. I’m feeling more energized overall. Thanks so much for all the great teaching.” ~ John

“After suffering from a painful case of tennis elbow for nearly a year, I sought help from Julie Hill. The therapeutic sessions helped tremendously. With focused effort on my elbow, shoulders and hips, I was playing tennis again within a month! ~ Stef

“I never thought I could work out like this ever again after my spinal cord surgery! I owe it to a great teacher who taught me how to listen to my body, to be aware of it and to make it strong again. Thank you Julie Hill." ~ Maureen

"In working with Julie to find ways to help with pain management, I found that her expertise in developing a personalized plan that would target problem areas was incredibly helpful. The subtle movements she taught me have helped loosen areas that I didn't realize were impacting movements I make in daily life." ~ Anne

“Thanks for your dedication to yoga Julie. You are a fantastic teacher and have helped me greatly." ~ Marc